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DMToolbox (DMT)


7/12/2016:** FREE KEYS! Register @ and email from your registered email and we'll send you a free key for DMToolbox :) Hopefully a better way in the future. If you register before September, you'll also get "Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies and Deceit" FREE for PC, Mac and Linux ~Feb 2016: **NOW OPEN SOURCE FOR DEVELOPERS:
The original will stay 99 cents, but if you are a developer, you can compile it for free and spinoff/add to the project :)_________________________________________
Price lowered to only 99¢ since MIT discontinued the App Inventor program and I can no longer update without starting from scratch - also I am working on a new game !
Features: + 720p HD Graphics
+ Dice Module >> Roll a dice from d4 to d100 with realistic rolls/sounds>> Keep track with roll history and combination rolls/totals>> Fire / Ice theme
+ Stats module>> Random name generator>> Save/Delete chars persistently>> Choose easily with pre-set options or customized entries>> Auto-save feature so you never lose your data
+ Journal module>> WRITE mode allows you to keep journals and save/load them via labels>> SKETCH allows you to draw with different colors on a scroll and save/load them via labels (Maps? Examples?)
[NEW] Inventory module>> Display weapons on the table to choose from>> Click a weapon to see name, stats, price, properties and more>> Equip/Unequip weapons to your characters and save them!>> Switch between different tiers of weapons (coming soon)_______________________________________
Please email me with any bugs or feedback; suggestions appreciated, too.
** Familiar with AppInventor? Join me! This will be a great spot on your resume. I could use help ;)
** Want to suggest a feature or bug fix? Let me know and I'll give you credit for the idea if it's new to me!
(Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D)
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